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Turbo Errands ("TE", the "Company", "we" or "us") a company registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and having its registered office in Lagos State, is committed to protecting the privacy and security of any identifiable business information you provide us. Business Information includes information that can be linked to a specific individual or entity, such as a postal address, phone number or email address.

This Privacy Policy is in accordance with commonly accepted privacy principles and best practices among global regulatory bodies. This Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with TE's Terms and Conditions of Use.

TE reserves the right to modify or amend this Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason, and such modifications will be effective immediately upon posting the modified Privacy Policy to the TE website. Any material changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted prior to implementation. Questions regarding this policy should be emailed to

Additional terms and conditions relating to all business listings and advertising on the TE Services can be found here.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before accessing or using any of the information and services available through TE which include, but are not limited to, the, website (the "Site"), the TE mobile website, the TE mobile application, the TE SMS service and the TE telephone service (together the "Services" or " TE Services"). The Services may be accessed in several ways, such as via the internet, mobile phones, fixed line phones, Personal Data Assistants (PDAs) and other methods.

  1. What Information We Collect
  2. Information we may hold or collect from you includes: your name, telephone numbers, email addresses, business name, addresses, website address, fax number, business description, financial information, various other information you may wish to disclose relating to your business registration, passwords to log into your TE account, reviews from users and financial information. Please note that if you wish to publish your business details on TE, you may experience difficulty or delays with your listing or submission if you chose not to provide us with certain information.
  3. Any information posted in public areas of TE such as online notice boards or business listing information that you have elected to disclose is by its very nature public and not considered to be Personal Information.
  4. Generally, we collect Business Information from you directly and any personal information you may want to share with us. However, in some cases we may obtain your Business Information through our partners, service providers or associates where you have given them permission to do so or from publicly available sources.


TE shall not be responsible or liable for any personal information contained in information given to us through our sources. If you find any information you consider personal or private which you do not wish to share with the public, kindly notify us immediately or within 30 days of publication of such information on our website. The information shall be withdrawn within two (2) working days from the time of confirmed receipt of report.

Other information we may collect

When you use the Services, we record and log general information about your visit for statistical purposes including but not limited to web browser details, internet protocol address, telephone numbers, duration of visit and numerous other facts.

We may, from time to time, use "cookies" (explained below) to store your preferences, record session information and collect information on how you visit and access our web pages. We collect information on the web pages visited by our customers to help us continue to improve our services.



How We Use Your Information

TE uses Business Information mainly for the purpose of responding to and fulfilling your requests for the products and services listed by us. Information collected on TE may be used to

  1. Respond directly to email or SMS requests by you through the use of the email address or telephone number you provide.
  2. Send newsletters or other emails only where you have opted to receive them.
  3. Respond to your questions or suggestions. We will use your Email address and/or telephone number to contact you when you submit a question or suggestion.
  4. Help us research and improve our products and services and,
  5. As such we may, from time to time, contact you to let you know about service improvements, products or promotions that may be of interest to you or to ask you for feedback in the event you wish to provide it.
  6. We may also use Business Information in an aggregate form for various purposes such as marketing and statistical analysis but will only ever disclose compiled or completely anonymous results.

Who We Share Your Information With

  1. As a rule, we do not share with third parties any Information that is not publicly available on TE except in the following circumstances:
  2. With other companies who have an agency, partnering or co-branding relationship with TE but agree to protect Information to the same standard as maintained by TE;
  3. From time to time, there may be third parties who provide competitions or other benefits to you through TE and request to collect Information. In the event this happens, we will require those third parties to protect the Information to the same standard as maintained by TE;
  4. Where we may be required by law to do so;
  5. Where you have a representative such as an auditor or lawyer who is authorized by you to receive such Information; or
  6. Where, in our reasonable opinion, there is threat to our interests (such as customer fraud) or where there is a possibility of harm to others.
  7. Where your information appears in a publicly available portion of an advertisement or business listing published with TE or is otherwise publicly available, we may also use that information for publication in other media or with other third parties such as our partners, associates and affiliates but we will take reasonable steps to make sure any such party uses the information for prudent and legitimate purposes.

How You Can Control or Access Your Information

We believe that users and customers should have control over the collection and use of their Information. So if you would like to access or inquire about your Information, please contact us at Note that you may be required to provide proof of identity or make statements for security reasons. We also reserve the right to charge a fee for repetitive requests for providing you with access or answering inquiries about your Information.

If for some reason we cannot disclose the information then we will let you know (for example, if the information has been deleted from our system).

Please note that certain publicly available information we receive and provide may be from external data sources. Where such publicly available information pertains to you, we will not be able to disclose or edit such information nor will we have access to or be able to provide you with any underlying information that you used in originally supplying information to any external data source.


Cookies are pieces of information that our web page transfers to your computer's hard disk for record-keeping purposes. Cookies can make the web more useful by storing information about your preferences on a particular site. The use of cookies is an industry standard and many websites use them to provide useful features for you. Cookies do not personally identify you, only your computer.

We may use these cookies to store information, such as user preferences when you visit our website.

Certain third parties who advertise with or supply services to us may also use technology, such as cookies, that collect anonymous information.

You can delete or disable cookies from your computer at any time (see your internet browser's help menu for more information). Please note that if you choose to delete or disable cookies, you may not be able to fully interact with our website or other websites. Also note that deleting a cookie is different from disabling a cookie and, among other things, just because a cookie is deleted does not mean that new cookies will not be created and stored in the future.

Advertisers, Business Owners and Users of TE

In addition to this Privacy Policy, Advertisers on TE should read the Privacy section contained in the Terms and Conditions of Use for All Business Listings and Advertisers.


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