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24/7 delivery

For dedicated customers only.


Our bikes and bikers will become part of your team. They'll deliver all day, everyday.

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8/7 Delivery

For dedicated customers only.


Our bikes and bikers work 8 hours daily while seconded to your company.

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Lets take the stress off you and deliver your international packages using any of these trusted logistics companies. We'll pick up your packages, ship them via your preferred carrier, track them on your behalf and ensure that its arrived its destination safely. This applies to Nationwide and International deliveries.


Story Board

How Turbo Errands Helped me Glam.

There are some days when Lagos is so much fun and other days… Bloody annoying! Guess what? Today is one of those days. Not the fun days oh! The annoying days.

It’s 10am in the morning and I’m already super stressed. Why? Because I need to go to at least “a million and one places” to pick up “a million and one things” (That might be a little bit of a stretch) and I also have to be in my office, sit a...

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